Sunday, February 6, 2011

Road Trip Vegas Style (and a really good story about karma!)

So, here we go, we all got in the car for our road trip today.  My nephew is getting married in Vegas and all of us plus Jacob (another nephew) and minus Brad (my husband) took off for the slightly warmer state of Nevada!  Road trip!

We were supposed to leave at three and we were having a record time and everyone was in the car at 3:20pm, I started the car and then Mackay said he had to go poo.  Okay, I know, TMI, even for me.  But thems are the facts fellahs!  Close so close.  Anyhoo, we finally made it to pick up Amanda from her college apartment and when she got in the car she had a really good story to tell us.  I’m going to tell it to you because I loved it on so many levels.

She said she was at the library studying the other day and starving and so she headed over to the vending machines.  She plugged in her money and asked for some trail mix and low and behold it got stuck on the way down.  So as she put it, she went and rustled up another seventy cents and tried it again.  The next one got stuck just hanging by a thread.  Drats.  She went off to class hungry!  As she was coming out of her class later and crossing campus she saw some trash on the ground and bent to pick it up and low and behold it was her trail mix.  Yes it was.  The exact same brand, package and it was completely unopened and waiting for her.  Now that is KARMA baby!  

I loved this story on so many levels and proceeded to let everyone in the car know, and especially the two sixteen year old boys, why.  First of all Amanda has created a habit of picking up trash if she sees it, just because.  Second of all that action is like sending a call out to the universe that I love you, I want to take care of you.  Third and finally the universe answered her back.  I love that story because it embodies our whole purpose on the planet.

The best description I have ever heard of karma is this.  Suppose you are standing on one side of the earth and there were no obstacles like buildings or trees or anything.  Then suppose that you threw a ball in a forward motion.  If there were no obstacles eventually that ball will come right back to the exact spot that you threw it from.  

So here’s the moral:  send out what you want to get back!

Way to go Amanda!  Enjoy all that good KARMA you are creating!

End of story!  

Oh maybe you will want to see some pictures of Brandon's wedding.  It was adorable and so much fun!  I just love those Vegas people!  They really rock!

We had to iron on the cute sayings for the kids t-shirts

Cute Brides Girls
The cute couple 
The Cousin Gang

Me and Brandon


Uh-Oh now we're talking!

So cute!

The Martenson Lovlies

The friendship bracelets!

Kenzie and Manda

My sweet sisters!  Love you guys!

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