Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Surprise Party for Mike....50 years and still kicking!

We headed over to Denver to catch up with sister Jana and her so cute, we love him so much, can't get enough of him, husband, Mr Mike Trenck. This was to be a big surprise for his 50th birthday. Too bad Jana let the cat out of the bag......I don't think he was us coming or by the surprise party. Oh well, it was still much fun and we really enjoyed being together for a very short but fun filled weekend. Jeanette and Randy came too and we had some fun partying on Saturday...just ask Randy....I know he had a blast and then they left for home on Sunday and Brad & me, Jana and Mike and Kealohi spent a great day together. We headed to Boulder Colorado and hunted down some of the houses where my dad was raised and we stopped at a grave yard to find the graves of great grandparents. No luck however, we'll have to try it again when the office is open so we can locate the graves. Then on to Estes Park and we went to explore the old Stanley's haunted don'tcha know! It really was a beautiful old hotel. We had some fun shopping and eating.....mostly eating.....the food was great! So fun! We had a great trip! Next stop....HOME!

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