Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some random pictures and random thoughts that all jelled into a cat theme....strange

It has been a while since I posted anything.....I had to get a new camera....the old one gave up the ghost! So I have nothing to really blog about so I took some random pictures with my new camera and we'll see what comes up! Here goes!

Here we have Brad grinning like a cheshire cat! He posed while I tried out the new camera! Nice Honey!

Next we have our cat, she is not grinning like a chesire cat. Her name is Tabitha but we mostly call her CAT! She is sixteen years old and two years ago when I just knew she was going to kick the bucket, we got cat #2!

Cat #2 is named Socks, or Gertrude or Bernie depending on who you ask! We mostly just call her cat also. For some reason we like the name cat! I'm not sure you needed to know all of this but these were the only people around to pose for my new camera! So there you have it!


Liz said...

Dearest Mother,
I'm writing this comment on your blog mostly because you came over to me and said,"Hey Liz! go comment on my blog". You didn't raise no fool, I can take a,after like the 10th time you asked me, I thought to myself "hey, maybe I should go comment on mother's blog" so this is Liz commenting on your blog....hmmm....I don't really know what to comment about...that slide show is pretty amazing! And also, the gray cat was never called gertrude, it was bernidette and beri for short. Um...I also think that the picture of dad with your new camera is really hilarious! All in all, I think you got yourself a pretty stupendous blog her mother!And I'm not just sayin that, but I think that is going to be the extent of this comment.
Love ya much much much!!!!

Rachel said...

Dearest Liz's Mother,
I would also like to comment on your blog! Liz told me that you like comments, so why not? I like the pictures of your cats - I haven't been to your house in a long time so I haven't been able to see them! Maybe I'll come by sometime soon.

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