Monday, October 13, 2008

Does Everyone Have Everything?

As we headed down the hill after loading everyone in the mini-van, we asked, "Does everyone have their driver's license?". Knowing that our girls are sometime absent minded about making sure they have their ID and knowing how hard it is to get on a plane these days even if you ARE who you say you are. Everyone assured us they did....until we stepped onto the airport shuttle after parking the car. Liz casually says, "I can't find my wallet.....Oh I remember, I left it sitting on my bed!" Complete panic set in as we tried to decide what to do. We called Dodie (my sister) and her husband Bruce, who happened to be staying at our house and asked if one of them could grab the wallet and jump in the car and bring it to the airport. Bruce headed up and we decided to just try and get through without the license. Guess what! It worked. I just handed both boarding passes to security and they didn't even question it.....good thing Liz looks so young. Just hope it works on the way back! (A big thanks goes out to Bruce for his willingness to drop everything and help out!) A great high stress start to the trip!!

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